My name is Vicky Peucker and I am a freelance Communication Designer specialising in creating corporate identities, providing comprehensive start to finish service.
As a graphic designer, I have extensive experience working in the graphic design field with 10 years, of which I have loved every moment of my work.
I have worked for numerous design agencies as well as self-employed persons while working as a freelance graphic designer.
I cover the entire design process from the first draft brainstorming through to execution. Each project brings new creative and technical possibilities, although the common theme remains understanding of the clients needs.
There is much more to branding than meets the eye, in order to complete the job I find inspiration from everything that surrounds me.
I am always interested in new opportunities and exciting projects, if you like my work and would like further information, please feel free to contact me.

I am always interested in new and exciting projects – so if you like my work or have some questions feel free to contact me.

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