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»My Vocabulary Coach«

Conception of a mobile application focused on learning new vocabulary.

I conducted a series of user interviews to gain insights into the needs and wants of users.
Using these interviews I created a proto-persona named Amanita. She helped me restate my project brief utilizing user stories, a problem statement, and a hypothesis statement.
I identified Amanitas main tasks and created a detailed analysis. Afterwards I created a user flow chart for each of the tasks.

Then I sketched out the wireframes and created a low-fidelity prototype for My Vocabulary Coach.
I conducted a series of Usability testings and used the insights to further enhance my prototype.

Amanitas wishes
and the apps functionalities

User Flow

Wireframes & Prototype

Usability Test Plan

Usability test findings and
prototype revisions

New User Flow

Next Steps

Lessons learned