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ADA – Exhibition & Publication

Karina Smigla-Bobinski is an intermedia artist in analogue and digital media. Her art moves between science, intuition, expression and cognition. Karina’s work bridges kinetic art, illustrations, video production, installation, painting, performance and sculpture, her works contain the method of their making. Karina creates direct art, which foregrounds the movement of materials through time. Her works has been shown in 49 countries, over 5 continents at festivals, galleries and international museums.

In January 2018 her famous art piece “ADA“ exhibitioned in Munich. Filled with helium, floating freely in a room, ADA is a transparent, membrane-like globe, spiked with charcoals leaving behind each mark over the walls, ceilings and floors.
For the assembly and delivery of the exhibition, a small team including myself was responsible to assist the artist with assembling the piece, as well as the creation of an exhibition catalog of the installation. (41 pages, 30x30cm, fine print)

We also created a flyer that can be used by the audience as a canvas, to interact with ADA and sold white shirts with a designed print on the back, that can be worn by the audience as a personal takeaway.


Karina Smigla-Bobinski

Client Field

Culture, Art

Design Field

Editorial, Event, Print