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Leslie Castle B&B

The challenge was to conceive and design a visual appearance for a B&B service in a Scottish castle. Leslie Castle is to be perceived by both domestic and international guests as an attractive holiday accommodation. The aim is to find a unique setting for the castle to compete with the highest density of Castle Hotels in the United Kingdom. The income is used to maintain the castle.

More than just a nice hotel, guests nowadays want emotional and aesthetic experiences. They want to feel comfortable and personally adressed. The ambience of the castle and the dedicated service by the hostess Heike Dorsch provide an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. This is the advantage to the Castle Hotels in the area. Leslie Castle is an ideal place for a private break and should also be accessible via digital media.

The design of the brand communication creates references to the history of the castle, its surroundings and its present state. The result was a branding which emotionally touches the visitors during and after their stay and allowed them to perceive the castle as their personal retreat.


Leslie Castle B&B

Client Field


Design Field

Branding, Photography, User Interface, Print



The design element conveys a first glimpse of the world and features of Leslie Castle.
The formal references to a medieval font stand in a pleasant contrast to the modern appearance of the word mark. This emphasizes both the importance of the castle as a historical building and at the same time a modern hotel company.
The form itself reminds of a break sign and gives an initial indication that every visitor at Leslie Castle finds his break time.


The colors for the branding result from the coloring inside the castle. Primarily used are white like the bright walls and a dark brown like the heavy furniture, doors and window frames.

The secondary colors are derived from the color scheme of the individual guests rooms.

In addition, close-up photographies of the various fabrics in the castle are used.


Two different language styles are used in my work.
On one hand, the hostess Heike Dorsch addresses her guests in the personal speech. She speaks for herself to point to the personal service.
On the other hand, there are texts in the language „Scots“. „Scots“ was the prestigious language of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie in Scotland in between the 15th and 17th centuries.
It is not easy to understand and gives the communication its own handwriting and entertaining quality.

The stationary transports the character of the castle and the service too.
Here, the design element is used as a cut out form and allows a first glance at the castle. The used paper has a noble and historically appealing feel.
After booking a room at Leslie Castle, you get a letter of confirmation by post. The layout for this letter is inspired by books from the 16th century.
The tonality is not strictly business and written in personal speech. Here „Scots“ is used as a stimulating design element.

The welcome package in the room ensures that the guest feels cared for and appreciated from the first minute. It consists of a welcome card as well as two postcards, which can be sent to the loved ones at home. In addition you can find a door hanger, washing utensils and chocolate.

The website for Leslie Castles works through scrolling and describes a day-run at the castle. Full Screen photos are displayed, which let the viewer enter the world of Leslie Castles and touch them emotionally. The tonality is very personal and almost sensual. In general, little text is used – the pictures should speak for themselves. The website is divided into three different parts, which differ visually from each other.

Part I
A large photo of the castle in the middle of its surroundings. The visible area in the browser window moves back and forth on this image, creating an impression of the landscape.

Part II
Sketched daily run of a guest in the castle. Short texts serve as support.

Part III
Providing additional information: History Leslie Castles, the individual Guest Rooms, contact information.


On the FB site, the hostess comes into contact with people who are interested in a stay at a castle. Here you can find information about events as well as small insights behind the scenes of Leslie Castle. If you have ever been a guest at the castle, you can stay informed.
Through various postings guests can remember some nice experiences and may decide to visit Leslie Castle again or share the entries with friends and thus attract further potential guests.
The design element is also used on FB and works as Teaser for an upcoming event. The word „Imagine“ attracts attention and asks the interested parties to actively consider what it could be.